Branded Business Tour Stops

If you are a business located in Talbot County and you would like to have your holiday display added to the Talbot Tacky Lights Tour, please complete the form below. All standard Tour Stop requirements apply.


There is a $50 fee for adding branding to a Tour Stop. 100% of this branding fee will be donated to the Neighborhood Service Center in Easton, Maryland. This is our way of helping the Talbot County community.

Branded Business Tour Stops receive:


  • A custom, enlarged tour stop logo

  • Tour Stop Photo

  • Tour Stop message (135 character limit)

Example of enlarged Branded Business Tour Stop logo

Examples of Branded Business Tour Stop photo and holiday message. Above: Mobile view with Expanded Image. Left: Desktop view.

Branded Business Tour Stop Requests

Please complete the form if you wish to add your decorated business with branding to the Talbot Tacky Lights Tour. You will be contacted within 1 business day to set up the branding.

An image file (.png or vector preferred) is required to add the business logo to the map. 

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