• Andrew Bowers

The 2021 Talbot Tacky Lights Tour Map has arrived!

Welcome back to the Tour! Opening Night has arrived. In our 3rd year of this new Talbot tradition, we're excited to have a beautiful night for viewing holiday lights and decorations.

The Tour Map is now live! You never know what the display may look like! Will it be amazingly huge or laughably tiny? Brilliantly beautiful or wonderfully tacky? Finding out is part of the fun.

Remember, we'll keep adding Tour Stops until Christmas Eve so you do the Tour now and in two weeks it may be totally different! There is no light count requirement so you never know what you're going to get until you get there! Our annual Pro tips: ❄️Use a navigator to operate the map for maximum driving safety. ❄️Families and friends can Tour together with a conference call on speaker or Bluetooth and still stay socially distant! ❄️Please be respectful of all of the Tour Stops and do not celebrate on their property. ❄️If you find a display that's not on the Tour Map, send it in and get it added! Happy Holidays from AB Media Service! See the map

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