• Andrew Bowers

All Good Things

The 2020 Talbot Tacky Lights Tour has come to a close. The Tour Map has been retired for the season after we reached an incredible 100 Tour Stops - nearly double our 2019 total.

We did a few new things in 2020 that were well received including adding a submission form and our fundraising initiative for the Neighborhood Service Center in Easton. Special thanks go out to our first ever Branded Business Tour Stops, Foxy's Harbor Grille and Qlarant! Amazingly, we also had three individual donations that just wanted to support the initiative. The donations were made directly on the NSC website to ensure 100% of the funds went to the non-profit organization.

Through this effort, we were able to raise $250 this year to support the Talbot County community. This was a great first year for the fund raising portion of the Tour and we look forward to beating that number in 2021.

Thanks to all who submitted Tour Stops, decorated homes and businesses, and contributed to making Talbot sparkle and shine this holiday season!

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