• Andrew Bowers

Opening Weekend Surge!

After opening the 2021 Talbot Tacky Lights Tour with 23 Tour Stops we've had a nice boost in the last few days. The mild weather this past weekend seems to have given folks a chance to get their decorations set up and a nice surge of new Tour Stops came in!

We've now hit 40 official Tour Stops! From Trappe to Wye Mills, from St. Michaels to Cordova we're racking up the best spots to see holiday decorations and lights across the county! We're nearly halfway to beating our 2020 total of 100 stops and we're only 3 days into the Tour! Keep 'em coming!

So far we haven't had any Branded Business Tour Stops added to support the Neighborhood Service Center this year. If you know of a business with a holiday display that might be interested in being added to the Tour, share this post with them! 100% of the money raised goes directly to the NSC!

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