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AB Media Service is pleased to announce that the 3rd annual Talbot Tacky Light Tour is here! The Tour is the perfect activity to celebrate the season while still staying socially distant, safe, and healthy for the holidays.


We're hard at work updating this year's map of the best decorations Talbot County has to offer. From the beautiful and tasteful to the joyously over-the-top, all are welcome to be added to the Tour!

To add a stop to the map, please complete the following requirements:
•    Ensure the address is within Talbot County, Maryland. The tour map will only cover Talbot.
•    Submit the address of the completed display (please do not submit until the decorations are up!) using the form below or send us a message through Facebook Messenger.
•    Descriptions and name suggestions for the display are welcome but will be moderated to weed out any Grinchyness and to ensure MAXIMUM JOLLYNESS. Yes, those are official holiday words. No? They're not? Oh well, sticking with them anyway because Jollyness > Grinchyness.
•    If, for whatever reason, you wish to have your address removed from the Tour, please reach out the same way.
•    Businesses Only - If you would like to be added to the tour with Branded Business Tour Stop please click here

The 2021 Tour Map is NOW AVAILABLE and will be updated with any new submissions through December 24th, Christmas Eve. This means the map will grow the closer we get to Christmas and the more submissions that come in. So spread the cheer far and wide and let's fill this map!

Submit a Tour Stop

Thanks for submitting a Tour Stop!

Thank you but this year's Tacky Tour is no longer accepting new stops. Enjoy the Tour and Happy Holidays!